قطعه اول محور لامرد-خنج
قطعه اول محور لامرد-خنج
پایاب کوثر


The Lamerd – Khonj Road is located at Lamerd (city), the southern side of Fars Province, Iran. The total route of the project continues from Lamerd to Khonj. The operation subject of the contract of this Company is located at the first part of Lamerd–Ehsham Road, from 0.00 to 18.600th kilometer. At this plot, there is located a tunnel of 2,650.- meters. The construction operation of Lamerd-Ehsham Road, which reaches a length of 18.600- kilometers, consists of excavation, embankment, technical constructions works (wall and bridge construction), a metal bridge, stabilizing the slope of embankments with Geogrid, sub-grading, laying asphalt according to the drawings and technical specifications as well as 101 Road Construction Journal and issued instructions. The whole route and tunnel are inclusive of three runways


  • Length of Road: 18.6- kilometers (0.00 to 18.600th kilometer)
  • Volume of Concrete Placing Operation: 50,000.- cubic meters
  • Deck of Metal Bridge: Weight: 1.500- tons
  • Formwork Area: 151,000.- square meters
  • Tunnel Construction: 2.700- meters
  • Weight of Steel Works: 2,500.- tons
  • Volume of Excavation Operations: 1,500,000.- cubic meters
  • Volume of Sub base: 40,000.- cubic meters
  • Volume of Embankment Operation: 1,000,000.- cubic meters
  • Volume of Base: 37,000.- cubic meters
  • Volume of Tunnel excavation Operation: 300,000.- cubic meters
  • Asphalt Tonnage: 72,000.- tons


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