Road construction

Do you know that in the current world, one of the most important factors in the development of the economic and infrastructure of each country is the roads. The roads have a direct relationship with the development and prosperity of the economy, and the most important means to connect people with each other and trade exchanges, and more importantly, to develop culture and health in all parts of the country.

Road construction

Due to the special importance of roads, construction and design of them should be very much considered. In the construction of the first roads, it is necessary to provide the materials that are needed, which is optional, and depending on the type of route and the importance of it, it is possible to select the materials. In this regard, consideration of topographic conditions and climate conditions is inevitable. Sometimes it may be costly.

In constructing roads, a certain amount of land is considered as a road, which is called so-called privacy. Traffic offshore will drive drivers with wider visibility and reduce the risk of road jams. For the construction of the road, we need the infrastructure, and since the roads are composed of land and soil, we must begin the construction with solids. In order to have a safe and high-quality road, we need to have a tight fitting.

The next step is to pave the way by asphalting. The quality of the asphalt is not smooth and smooth, but its quality depends on its density and thickness.

Road construction

Road asphalt must be extremely resistant so that it does not damage snow and rain in the winter and will not damage the cars. If we want to widen the street and rebuild it, we must carry out the operation with the gravel. When slipping the road, be sure to have a slope so that when the water drops on the asphalt, the water does not pass through the subsoil.

On some roads where traveling is high there are asphalts after some time, cracks that use to prevent these cracks thin and short fibers that say these fibers.

There are a lot of ways to make things happen, some of which are as follows:

Road construction

In routing, paying attention to economic, security, political, and so on matters of particular importance.

Routing is often done via aerial mapping.

Dismantling the route and aligning it and specifying the natural land surface of the route and plotting its longitudinal profile.

Determining the line of the project on the longitudinal profile, taking into account its economic condition, and also considering the logical slopes so that the horizontal view of the driving in relation to the speed determined is appropriate.

Road construction

Basically, after completing the route on the ground, the entire geological path is better and the type of soil soils should be identified and the necessary information be obtained from the resistance of the underlying corners of the route. Meanwhile, underground factors such as faults, water channels, water reservoirs have been investigated, and the existence of a cave in the mountains and the probability of mineral deposits or treasures are considered.
Also, in rocky mountains, stones such as decorative stones, as well as stones are identified, and seismograms are required.

Implementing cross-sectional profiles to execute: When applying cross-sectional profiles, you should consider the existing highlighted posts. And the low elevations should not be overlooked, since it is effective in excavating and embanking operations.
The use of transverse profiles should be very precise, especially if the transverse profile is not available or not at all. In this first case, they must be thoroughly cleaned after the natural elevation is taken, taking into account the height of the embankment or the excavation and the slope intended for the embankment and dumping sides, and the horizontal length of the transverse profile at the beginning of the embankment or excavation must be clearly specified. And then land on the ground in the next step.
If there is no precision in the preparation of profiles and there are mistakes and the same is done, then the next adjustment of the slope will be confronted with many problems.

Road construction

During the excavation, the slopes of the side walls should be carefully regulated to avoid mistakes, and it is better to control the slabs and to control the slopes of the slopes.

In the embankments, the slopes of the embankment sides are controlled at the same time as the embankment, by means of the shingle.

In the case of pouring, care must be taken not to exceed the level of excavation exceeded. This requires that the excavation floor is constantly monitored when excavated. In this case, it is best to have a mapping aid with a Niwo camera at the excavation site, which is constantly in control of the excavation site.
Note that controlling and correcting the slopes of the sides of the road is very important, both from the point of view of the road’s beauty and its security.

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