The second band is the Daleki axis along the Faryab junction

پایاب کوثر
پایاب کوثر
پایاب کوثر

Project Description

The second section of the Dalki Plateau axis is part of the main Bushehr route to Shiraz and consists of two parts. The first part of the continuation of the construction axis is 6500 m long from 500 + 7 to 000 + 14 km 11 lanes with 10.40 m asphalt and 30 cm earth shoulders on each side. Major project operations include predominantly rock excavation, embankment and conventional technical construction, including a river bridge at 1100 + 400 km and a narrow bridge at Faryab and two tunnels measuring 494 and 50 meters long. The second part consists of a roundabout and access to Faryab Village and Faryab Intersection, which comprises a total of 4,700 meters of track and two bridges on the Daleki River.

Project Specifications

:The specifics of the operation of this Convention are as follows

- Open door: 1,100,000 cubic meters
- Underground excavation: 56,000 cubic meters
- Formation: 45,000 square meters
- Configurable: 25,000 cubic meters
- Shutters: 244 cubic meters
- Reinforcement: 2,587 tons
- Loading: 17 tons
- Station: 110 tons
- Basis: 24,000 cubic meters
- Basis: 11,000 cubic meters
Asphalt: 726,000 square meters



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